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Ship Supply

  • Standard supplies for Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical and Safety Dept.
  • Technical stores for bulk purchasing
  • Lashing materials,Anchor Chain,Anchor & Anodes etc
  • BWMS / scrubber projects related cables, valves, pipes etc
  • Wire Rope & Mooring Rope compliance with MEG 4 requirements
  • Main Engine/Auxiliary Engine – MAN/WINGD/CSSC Original spare parts
  • Pump Spares (Japanese brands & All Chinese brands)
  • Electric Motors (Original brands)
  • FWG & Coolers’ plates and gaskets (European & Japanese & Korean brands)
  • Fruit and Vegetables, Egg, Dairy Products
  • Frozen Meat, Poultry and Seafood, Frozen Fruit and Vegetables
  • Canned Products, Rice, flour and oil, Coffee and Teas, Sauces, Spices and Herbs, Snacks, Nuts and Dried Fruits

Ship Repair & Technical Service

  • Crane annual inspection / Maintenance / Repair and load test
  • Overhaul / Repairs / Rewinding of Motors – Alternators
  • Repairs on Hatch covers.
  • Hydraulic motor / Hydraulic pump / Hydraulic valve / Actuator overhaul
  • Hull repairs and steel renewals
  • Hydraulic cylinder overhaul
  • Steering gear system overhaul
  • Windlass / Mooring winch brake test and repairing
  • Anchor and anchor chain replacement
  • Accommodation ladder repair and replacement
  • Pipeline Fabrication, repairs and renewals
  • Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine Overhauling and repair services
  • Underwater Services
  • Air Condition and Refrigeration System Service


  • Life raft’s inspection, repair and new supply (various types);
  • Life boat, rescue boat, davit and winch inspection, servicing, repair and new supply;
  • Portable fire extinguisher’s inspection, hydro testing and refilling;
  • Fixed fire-fighting system servicing (CO2, Foam, Dry powder), CO2 release system modification as per SOLAS, CO2 cylinder with flexible hoses & loops renewal;
  • SCBA, EEBD, BA, Medical O2 servicing, hydro testing and refilling;
  • Air compressor annual inspection and air quality test;
  • Foam analysis;
  • Water mist system inspection & servicing;
  • Immersion suit servicing and pressure testing;
  • Portable gas detector calibration, fixed gas detection system servicing;
  • BA air compressor quality analysis;
  • Multiple-gas monitor equipment calibration;
  • Pressure meter, temperature meter annual calibration;

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