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Ship Supply in Bangladesh

We provides a comprehensive range of high-quality ship supply services, including provisions, ship stores, and spare parts. With strategic locations in Chittagong, Mongla, and Payra Port, Bangladesh

Ship Repair

we provide expert ship repair services, including crane and grab repair, as well as engine overhauling. With skilled technicians and a wide range of spare parts, we ensure minimal downtime and maximum vessel performance.

Lube oil & Bunker Supply

we provide comprehensive services, including lube oil and bunker supply, as well as sludge and garbage disposal. With our commitment to environmental responsibility and efficient operations, we help keep your vessel compliant and your journey smooth.

LSA & FFA inspection, servicing and new supply

Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting Equipments, Inspect, Test, Service, and Certify – supported by all major international classification society

Ship Supply in Chittagong

ship supply in chittagong

Looking for a Reliable Ship Supply in Chittagong? Discover ARTICA SHIP CHANDLER! When it comes to efficient and dependable ship supply services in Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla & Payra Port Bangladesh, ARTICA SHIP CHANDLER stands out as your trusted partner. With a commitment to quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, we offer a comprehensive range of provisions, ship spare parts, and marine equipment to meet the diverse needs of vessels at Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla & Payra Port Bangladesh. Whether you require fresh provisions, technical supplies, or safety equipment, our experienced team ensures prompt and hassle-free delivery to your vessel. Partner with ARTICA SHIP CHANDLER for seamless ship supply solutions in Chittagong, Matarbari, Mongla & Payra Port Bangladesh.


Provision supply in Bangladesh
Navigation Equipment in Bangladesh
Ship Repair in Bangladesh

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